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“What are the key skills employers look for in candidates?”

Is a common question our candidates ask our consultants on a daily basis. In addition to your Environmental Health qualifications, certifications and technical abilities, there are certain skills that are essential in order to succeed as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP).

From our knowledge of the sector, we have explored the 8 crucial skills recruiters and talent acquisition specialists look for in candidates:

Interpersonal Skills

Your work would require you to deal with people from different levels of the organisation, sectors and backgrounds. It is important to adopt behavioural strategies to interact with people effectively, so excellent interpersonal skills to deliver legislation and procedures is a must.

Diplomatic and Assertive Communication

You will be faced with members of the public where situations can become confrontational. Being able to maintain self-control and confidence when dealing with issues, while understanding the views and opinions of the general public is a key asset to becoming a successful practitioner.

Knowledge of the Law, Legislations and Regulations

Proficient knowledge of the UK and European legislation, court procedures, government regulations and various environmental health disciplines is an important skill for an EHP. They will apply this knowledge daily in situations where people or organisations have broken the law, then report this to the relevant authorities for prosecution. 

Analytical Skill and Attention to Detail

EHPs must be thorough with strong attention to detail, they need this to analyse information and make decisions. By having a methodical and careful approach they are able to assess the environment, gather evidence and make informed recommendations.

Report Writing Skills

EHPs must write up clear and concise reports of all cases that they have investigated after an inspection. These reports provide the necessary steps and actions that authorities must take on the incident. For future reference, the reports are stored securely in a database for subsequent violations.

Time-Management and Organisational Skills

For an EHP, their work and location can constantly change. The ability to prioritise your workload and adapt to dynamic environments is essential. Managing your schedule for inspections, planning your journey and setting time to write up your reports can make your life much easier.

IT Skills

As we journey towardsNet Zero – new technologies are constantly developed to help conserve, monitor and reduce the impact on the environment. EHPs are required to have technological knowledge in order to operate devices and use computer software packages.

Full UK Driving Licence

Although it is not compulsory the majority of work that EHPs do, will require you to commute to various inspection sites and residents’ homes. Urban cities do have a benefit over rural parts of the country due to their transport links, but having a driving licence and vehicle can give you an advantage over other candidates.

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