CV writing tips

Is there such a thing as the perfect CV?

Well the answer is that it is down to the individual reading it. For several years there has been a big debate within the recruitment world of what constitutes the ideal resume. There are many factors involved such as: the industry you are in, or what stage of your career you are at. Below are my top tips.


When writing a CV one thing to remember is no matter what template you use, you should always stick with the same format. If you don’t, this can suggest that you do not have an eye for detail, which is the wrong message to send out to a potential employer.
Of course, it depends on what industry you are applying for. However, I strongly believe that more time you spend and the more detail you use is much more appealing to an employer than graphics and questionable text choices.
Oh yes, that is right; the myth! Even though no employer wants to read 10+ pages of rambling and irrelevant points, the truth is that 2 pages for most now a-days does not suffice. Think of your CV is the tapestry of your employment. It sends a clear message to potential employers that you know your stuff, and that you are the perfect candidate for them. You want them to be interested and invest their time into you, rather than give you a quick 1-2 minute glance!
Whether you call it a Personal Statement, profile or anything else, to follow on from my above point, the best way to avoid disinterest from a longer CV is a statement about you. This is not about your personal life; this is about your professional development over your career. If you are at the start of your career, then explore your passion for your chosen field. Remember, you and only you, can do the job! So make that clear to any potential employer.
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