We are a award-winning recruitment consultancy in Environmental Health. Our continued success in the Environmental sector has enhanced our reputation allowing us to expand as a company to further horizons. With our partners in the UK and international waters we require talented professionals across Buckingham Futures departments.

Our current team is split into multiple divisions:

Recruitment and Sales Division

 Commercial Team - Food Hygiene, Health & Safety, Licencing and Trading Standards.
 Residential Team - Environmental Protection, Surveying Private Sector Housing, Social Housing and more.

Marketing Division

 Advertisements, Social Media promotion, Website management, Event preparation and Networking.

Administrative Division

 Finance, Customer and Client Queries, Account management, Data collection and organisation.

Your Future
Our range of roles vary from Recruitment Consultants, Digital Marketers, HR to Admin.

Contact Us
We are seeking professionals from senior to apprenticeships, if you are seeking employment, please get in touch below by calling/ emailing us. Please attach an updated CV and cover letter to emails and state which department and job role you wish to apply for.

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