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We are a specialist recruitment consultancy in the Environmental Health sector. Our consultants have varying experience in the sector ranging from 5 to 25+ years. Our mission is to provide talented Environmental Health Practitioners to our clients in the Public (local council, Government and military) and Private sectors.

Environmental Health is a key part of Public Health, it encompasses all of the external factors that affect human health and wellbeing. The profession works to advance policies to reduce chemical and pollution in air, water, soil and food. Protecting people and communities with healthier environments.

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Employers who require staff will employ them on a permanent employment contract. This can also include Fixed Term contracts.

For permanent positions, you will be eligible for full employee benefits like subsidised health care, paid vacations, holidays, sick time, or contributions.

Permanent employees are often eligible to switch job positions within their companies.

You will be paid PAYE on a Salary (per annum).

Contract workers, or contractors, are hired for specific projects, services or on a shorter-term basis. Contractors are not expected to be offered long-term employment or benefits.

Contractors are responsible for their own taxes, their own transport, equipment and must complete timesheets upon completion of work.

Primarily Contract workers, or contractors, are hired for specific projects on an inspection basis i.e. the contract requires the contractor to complete 100 inspections of premises within 3 months. Per inspection work with public and private organisations usually allows contractors to go Outside IR35.

They provide an employment platform for contractors and freelancers who work inside the IR35 regulations; an intermediary between a contractor, the recruitment agency and the end client (local authority or private limited company).

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The PAYE rate you can earn before deductions are made from the Umbrella company.

At the time of writing, IR35 (Inland Revenue 35) is a set of UK tax legislation’s that are designed to prevent individuals who are deemed as employees, from avoiding tax through their own private limited company.

Candidate Questions

In partnership with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). We help students in environmental health to get practical work experience in the sector to complete your EHP Portfolio. 

The Directory of Student Training Opportunities (DSTO) an online collection of job opportunities dependent on the interventions that you are seeking (Environmental Protection, Food Safety, Health and Safety, Housing and Public Health). 

In order to practice Environmental Health in the UK, the CIEH would require you to study an Environmental Health degree with one of the accredited Universities with them.

Shadowing work experience with Local Authorities, Government or Private sector companies can help you to get further down the line.

In the current time Hybrid/Flexible working has become a norm in the working world. Travelling would predominately be required when going between inspection sites. A majority of practitioners work around 2-3 days per week onsite while the remaining days are remote working.

Depending on specialisms and work, some practitioners can work 100% remotely (mainly consultants).

Registered EHPs are accredited by CIEH and have passed a rigorous assessment of their skills and competence. In addition to being listed on a formal register, they can also use a digital credential to formally demonstrate and verify their professional status.

  1. Accredited BSc/MSc in Environmental Health.
  2. The Environmental Health Practitioner(EHP) Portfolio.
  3. Professional Discussion (PD) with the CIEH.

CIEH – Pathways to Registration

Your Umbrella company will be able to process Holiday pay. Please contact your Umbrella company for more information.

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