Earth Day


The History of Earth Day

I had always assumed that Earth Day had been around forever, but when I started looking into it, I was shocked to learn that Earth Day has only existed for just over 50 years. It’s birthplace? Wisconsin, USA.

In the years leading up to the first Earth Day, people around the world were consuming more and more energy through damaging sources. After the publication of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson’s global phenomenon, people began to question the impact that humans were making on the planet. 

After seeing the effects of a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, who had been concerned with the planet for some time, decided to take action. Nelson saw the impact students had on the anti-war movement and thought this energy could be placed into his cause so he proposed the idea of a teach-in on college campuses. Nelson recruited young activist Denis Hayes to help organise and Pete McCloskey to serve as co-chair. They chose April 22 because it fell between spring break and exams. 

They quickly realised the potential for this event and changed the name to Earth Day. In time, Earth Day spread across the world. Now, Earth Day is the largest secular day of protest in the world.


Earth Day 2024 

The theme for Earth Day this year is Planet v Plastics. According to Dynahlee Padilla-Vasquez at the United Nations Foundation: 

“If all plastic waste in the ocean were collected, it would fill 5 million shipping containers. Put another way, there is enough plastic in the ocean to stretch 30,000 kilometres (18,640 miles) if placed end to end. That’s the equivalent of a trip from New York City to Sydney, Australia.”

Right now, less than 10% of plastic produced has been recycled. Not only is plastic harmful to wildlife, but microplastics can have negative effects on human health, too. Additionally, fossil fuels are used to produce most plastic products. 

Campaigners are now pushing for a plastic reduction of 60% or more by 2040. Focus on plastic pollution this year is essential to safeguard the health of the planet and the nation. 

Earth Day at Buckingham Futures 

This year, we are celebrating Earth Day on our social media by highlighting the Buckingham Futures team and our favourite places on Earth. It is important to have a personal connection with the health of the environment, so we chose to share photos of the places we feel most strongly about protecting. You can check out the photos now on our Instagram if you have not already!

We like to say that every day is Earth Day here in the office. We make an effort everyday to have a positive impact on our planet. We are a paperless office. We make an effort to recruit local candidates to limit emissions. We participate in tree planting initiatives. These are all in addition to our main goal which is to place suitable candidates in environmental health roles. 

This Earth Day, we reflect on a year of remarkable growth while continuing to set impactful goals for the future, aiming to leave an even more positive footprint in the year ahead.

How Can You Celebrate Earth Day?

There are many ways to get involved in Earth Day individually or in your local community. Here are a few of our recommendations: 

  1. Local Events 

See what Earth Day events are happening in your local community and see how you attend or volunteer. These events are a great way to share ideas, get educated, and meet like-minded individuals. 

2. Write a Letter to your MP  

Earth Day is a great day to take a few moments to write a letter to your MP urging them to address the climate crisis in general or write about a particular environmental issue that specifically affects you or that you are particularly passionate about. 

3. Buy Yourself a Gift 

Treat yourself to a gift this Earth Day. If you use a lot of plastic straws consider purchasing a reusable straw. Maybe go shopping for a reusable water bottle to curb your habit of purchasing plastic bottles. 

4. Set Goals 

Take some time to evaluate your impact on the environment this past year and consider how you can improve in the coming year. Brainstorm two or three ways that you might achieve this and write them down. Put them on your refrigerator or bedside table so that you are reminded often. 

5. Educate and Share  

Another way to recognize the day is by taking some time to educate yourself on relevant environmental topics and/or share information with your social networks to help educate others. 

Earth Day gives us a chance to celebrate the beauty of Earth and to set goals for the coming year on how to protect Earth and its many gifts. It is important to acknowledge the day with an act of gratitude towards the environment. What will you do differently this Earth Day?




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