What is Remote Working?

Remote working (also known as Working From Home) is when employees perform their work duties from a location outside of the traditional corporate office environment. There are many advantages that are associated with remote working including increased productivity, cost saving from travelling and physical resources.

Studies have shown an increase in productivity as they have a more flexible schedule suiting their day-to-day life.

A 2015 study by N.Bloom found a 13% increase in productivity of remote workers at a Chinese travel agency.

Mental Health and Stress 

With the cost of living crisis hitting an all time high the expenses for commuting, eating out and travelling has increased. Surveys have shown that one of the top factors of onsite work is the stress from commuting to the workplace daily.

With no commute, there is a positive environmental impact as there is a decrease in your greenhouse gas emissions. No commute also leads to a beneficial effect financially. The average remote worker in the UK saves £44.78 per work. Source: Standout CV

Remote working presents more possibilities, opportunities and promotes diversity. For example, people with both mental and physical disabilities are able to be more productive and work efficiently with a schedule that suits them. It also decreases the stress people may feel especially those who are primary caregivers and/or cannot afford childcare.

Work-life balance

The benefits of remote working has provided advantages of employee’s health and wellbeing.

A 2020 report by Cultural Shift has found 54% of employees confirmed remote work has had a positive impact on their work life balance and 28% have said working from home has had a positive  impact on their mental health.

Cost Saving 

Employees can save financially through remote work or in a hybrid workplace.  Annually, over thousands of pounds can be saved on fuel, car maintenance, car insurance, public transport, work attire/uniform and eating out at lunch time.

Global Workplace Analytics found that companies save around £6,810 per year for every employee that spends at least half their time working remotely.

To round up…

Remote Work has now become a part of many businesses especially after its success during pandemic showing to be very useful and effective.

Now that you’ve read about remote working, what would be your ideal working environment?

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