Environmental Health: Food Hygiene, Health & Safety, Port Health and Licencing

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This week we delve into the different sectors EHPs/EHOs can specialise in. To make things easier we will focus on the aspects our Commercial team manages at Buckingham Futures. We will cover these fields Environmental Health Practitioners work in: Food Hygiene, Health & Safety, Port Health and Licencing.

Food Safety Officer

Food Safety Officers ensure that food in restaurants, takeaways, butchers’, corner shops, or anywhere that deals with food prepared, handled, stored and served in a hygienic way. On a daily basis, Food Safety Officers will be required to carry out routine audits/ inspections and investigate food poisoning complaints.

Food hygiene and safety work requires rigorous training and a combination of knowledge and practical experience. An officer must have the necessary qualifications and competency requirements recognised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) the officer will need to follow the Food Law Codes of Practice in order to enforce food laws and standards in the UK.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) can offer a selection of certifications and courses that are accredited by the Food Safety Agency (FSA), that can help you become a Registered Food Safety Practitioner. These include the Higher Certificate in Food Control, Advanced Professional Certificate in Food Hygiene and Standards Control, Competency Portfolio (CDP).

CIEH ~ Qualifying as a Food Safety Practitioner

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Officer

HSE Officers understand Health, Safety, Environmental issues and provide specialist advice/solutions to raise awareness, educate and promote HSE regulations to minimize risks at an organisation. They check safety, assess risks and investigate accidents and can offer advice to businesses, schools and other organisations to safeguard employees and the public.

Their daily duties will require them to carry out audits, monitor and evaluate Health, Safety and Environmental policies, systems and procedures then they aim to identify and implement improvements to existing systems.

Port Health Officer

Port Health Officers are responsible for preventing and controlling public health emergencies via points of entry into the country. Their duties include screening incoming and outgoing cargo, food inspection, hazardous waste/materials, and enforcing State and Government laws and regulations in order to protect the public.

Licencing Officer

Licencing Officers deal with the licensing applications of events, premises, and people in different areas. Covering a variety of areas including: Taxi, Private Hire, Alcohol and Gambling Licencing, they undertake inspections and ensure licences are up to date and compliant.

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